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New Beginnings

Jun 3, 2021 by Tony "Sgt. Flame" Richards

A Little History

Many many years ago I started playing around with game development as a hobby.

My first few years I used Torque Game Engine, and mostly I was just interested in re-making games that I enjoyed playing, which at the time was Tribes 2, Neverwinter Nights, and then later I started playing City of Heroes.

Then Dream Games published their “MMO Kit” for Torque and hosted a “Make your own MMO Game in 90 days” contest.

It was a crazy contest, but I was (still am?) a little crazy, so I joined. I had already been thinking about a game I’d like to make, so that was the beginnings of Fractured Universe.

I ended up winning the game development contest, but the off-the-shelf technology simply couldn’t implement the game design that I had in mind, and I didn’t have the skills to pull it off.

I got sidetracked for a number of years developing my own game engine, but in the end I simply lacked the skills to make up for the gap between off-the-shelf and what I needed. Eventually I abandoned my game engine and went on to focus on my professional career.

I mostly abandoned game development for the following 10 years. I would play with new game engines and with updated versions, and I taught myself Blender and Photoshop and quite a few other tools, languages, and technology.

Now, 10 years later, my skills have improved and technology has improved to the point where I think I can finally pull this off….

Unreal Engine 5.0

A few days ago (May 26), Unreal Engine 5.0 EA was released.


I hadn’t used Unreal Engine since the early days; it included Kismet, but not Blueprints, so you pretty much had to code everything in C++. What a pain! I’m a decent C++ programmer, but there was a LOT to learn with little documentation.

Honestly, there STILL is a lot to learn, and the documentation is lacking, but there are a more examples, free assets, and with Blueprints then most things could be done without touching C++. Awesome!


So, with Blueprints making things easier, with a lot of free / inexpensive assets, and with my skills having improved over the past decade, I’m going to take another crack at this.

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the journey continues…