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Jun 27, 2021 by Tony "Sgt. Flame" Richards

In-Game Construction

One of the big game design features I want to include in Fractured Universe is the ability for players to construct their own buildings.

This was a lot easier than I expected and I was able to hook it up with the Advanced Input System that I had implemented last weekend.

One of the things that really helped was the addition of two input mapping contexts; one is for when the Construction Mode is enabled, and the other is while in Construction Mode the player can also switch to a Top Down Mode where the input actions move the camera without moving the character.

I’m considering this Top Down mode to be a “cheat” of sorts, so I hooked it up to an ability and only admins will have that ability applied to their character.

This all really fell into place nicely.

There’s still more to do with the Construction Mode, such as I’d like to have different styles enabled based on the area the player is in, as well as a better organization of construction parts.

That’s about it for this weekend, but I’m pleased with the amount of progress I made.

Until next weekend…

– Sgt. Flame