Milestone 0.2.0 complete

This past weekend I completed another iteration on the installation and patch system.

It works well, but there’s a lot of room for improvement which I will tackle in a future iteration.

I need to reduce the download size so that players can begin playing while streaming the rest of the game, which also means that I need to improve the content chunking so that the first few chunks contain everything for the first level (and nothing else, if possible).

At some point in the future I’d like to experiment with pluggable game modules to be used as expansion packs, but not yet.

Construction System

The Construction System is working fairly well, but I still need to make improvements on the structural logic. Currently everything requires a support, but I think I should make it so that roofs and second story floors should be able to span across multiple blocks without requiring a supporting structure.

I’d also like to start adding the sci-fi and cyber-punk blocks so I’m not always showing medieval looking construction; I don’t want people to get the wrong idea that this is only a medieval game.


Login System

I made some addtional improvements to the login system, primarily by adding some more user friendly messages and visual cues.

The colors are still horrible, but I’ll fix those later.


Closed Beta

Really, I wouldn’t even call it a “beta” because hardly any game-play has been implemented, but if you’re interested in helping me test (and you are available), contact me in Discord and we can discuss it.

Milestone 0.3.0

I haven’t fully planned the next milestone yet, but the next update will be released October 31, 2021.

Until next weekend,

– Sgt. Flame