Release Preparation

I’ve had the target of releasing something by my birthday, which was less than 100 days after I started this 2.0 project.

With that in mind, and my birthday being a little over a week away, this weekend I spent my time buttoning things up and getting ready for a release.

Release / QA

I probably should’ve started this a week earlier, but I was distracted.

Luckily this weekend was three days, so I had plenty of time to work on tidying things up, doing some QA, working out the CI/CD kinks, etc.

I’m not quite finished yet, but I believe the remaining pieces can be finished next weekend.

Good Choices

I’m very pleased with my decision to implement a lot of the unit testing, CI/CD and blue/green deployment.

It’s been really nice to have automated build / test / deploy pipelines.

While doing my QA work, I would hit a bug, write a unit test, fix it, then push. While CI/CD was working in the background I was able to go on and continue my testing without having to babysit a build job or do anything manual to deploy the updated build.

It simply worked.

Installation and Patch

Next weekend my primary goal will be to perfect the installation and patch system. I’ve worked on it a little already, but I need to work out the kinks before release.

The whole goal is to release incrementally.

The client that I’m releasing in the near future is nowhere near completion, but rather it’s a work in progress to help start engaging with the community / players.

Obligatory Image


This is the “work in progress” spell / skill bank. It’s not finished, but it represents the basic look and feel of the GUI I’m interested in presenting.

See you next weekend.

– Sgt. Flame