Game Studio


The original Fractured Universe had a web based editor for creating NPC dialogs and editing quests. It was pretty nifty even though I knew almost nothing about web development.

I believe I created a schema for MySQL and had some sort of open source tool that generated php web pages for editing the database records.

Ugh, it was ugly and clunky, but at the time it was the best I could do.


This iteration of the game, I plan to have a full fledged Game Studio which is a web based tool that will be integrated with the rest of the game.

Account Administration

User accounts will need to be maintained, so one of the first things I’ll implement is an editor for Users. I plan on making it so that Users log into the game client using the same user-id and password as what they would use to log into Game Studio.

Users will be able to edit their own profile, but administrators will be able to edit anyone’s profile.

Game Masters

I plan to have the concept of Game Master in this game; players with this role will be able to create and edit NPC’s.

I enjoyed the idea of this when I first played Neverwinter Nights, but I would like to take this a step further in that this game won’t be self hosted, so players will be editing NPC’s, quests, story lines, etc for everyone…. although I think instanced areas for friends to play should be within the realm of possibilities.

I’m a little concerned about having a rogue GM wreck havoc and unbalancing the game, so I’ll have to keep that in mind as I continue designing this portion of the game.

AI Logic

Since the game is an open world simulation, I will need some way to edit the NPC and other AI logic.

My thought is to have something similar to Unreal Blueprints for this, using a web based editor within Game Studio, but the logic will be executed outside of the game servers. AI will simply be treated as another player as far as the game server is concerned.

More to Come

I’m sure there will be other uses for the Game Studio. Probably some things like trading, transportation, and higher level strategic actions will be web based instead of in the game client.

Beyond GM’s, players will be able to control more than one character, so the Game Studio will be an easy way for players to direct their subordinate characters without needing to fire up the game.