More Construction

Happy Independence Day, for those of you in the USA.


I left off last weekend with thinking about how to better organize the Construction menu, so this weekend I worked on building a UI which had separate “tabs” for each construction style.

I made a few other enhancements such as a sort order; there’s still a lot more that I’d like to do, such as enabling certain styles based on the player’s location as discussed last weekend.

I also need to build in some gameplay effects so that the construction of an object might cost something.

Micro Services

For the backend services such as login, account management, etc, I’ve been exploring my options, so I didn’t get quite as much coding done this long three day weekend, but stepping back and taking time to make the right decision is generally a good idea.

I’m probably going to use Go for the backend, and I’ll see if I can use something off the shelf for a service bus framework. I’m considering using Google Protocol Buffers.

I looked into the micro platform. It’s quite interesting, so I think I’ll start with evaluating that.