My name is Tony “Sgt. Flame” Richards and I’m inviting you to follow along my endeavor of creating an Indie online multiplayer game.

There’s not much to see here yet, but over the coming weeks and months I’ll be adding more content and blogging about the ongoing development of our game Fractured Universe. Although I’m the primary developer, I say “our” game because there are more people involved in the development of this game.

This endeavor is one of my hobbies, so development will be slow since I am continuing to work at my day job.

This site focuses primarily on the technical aspects of game development, and although this is a small team I will be treating it as if it was being developed by a large team. The same holds true for player scalability; although this game will unlikely be played by more than just a few of my friends, the architecture will easily scale to a large MMO style game.

I hope you enjoy this journey!

– Sgt. Flame